David Carruthers

David Carruthers is the Chairman for 360 Online Sales Solutions. An early entrant in the Digital Marketing industry, Mr.Carruthers began his career as an Account Manager for a digital agency. He thereafter founded 360 Online Sales Solutions, which gradually expanded from a single office in Australia to initiating processes of opening new offices situated in various parts on this globe as associates.


360 Online Sales Solutions entered India in 2011 and since then has handled accounts for major corporates across India. 360 Online Sales Solutions has grown from a small firm to a formidable Digital Marketing Company as a result of Mr.Carruthers's foresight and the confidence he has displayed in his team.


Under his leadership, 360 Online Sales Solutions has become a major global player in the field of Digital Media and is constantly expanding its flagship all over the world. Besides being an avid Marketer he takes a keen interest in playing Golf. 360 Online Sales Solutions brings together a group of highly experienced, focused and proficient individuals emerging from diverse and well recognized backgrounds.

Piyush M

Piyush is Heading Operations for 360 Online Sales Solutions in India. As Operations Head (India), he is responsible for identifying new growth opportunities, expanding 360 Online Sales Solutions and coining new PR strategies. As Head of Digital Media (India), he is responsible for all associations, Client Service activities across India.He is credited with 8 years of marketing experience in providing PR advisory in travel and technology and FMCG sectors. He also has worked with leading textile companies in the India for about 5 years in various roles ranging from analysts to marketing.

Aditya Sharma

Aditya Sharma brings to the table an astute mind and a rich experience in Business Development, Branding & Advertising – Digital Marketing. He joined the organization in 2010, in the department of Business Development, and made an immediate contribution in the tally of our overseas clients. He has played a pivotal role in initiating and setting up the organisation’s Business Development section for domestic clients in India. He is currently handling the dual role of Business Development (India) and Client Management. He remains a significant contributor to the organization’s success in the Indian Digital Marketing sector.


“I’ve worked with the 360 degrees online sales solution team for a number of years, and have always been impressed with the knowledge and creative edge that they’ve brought to our campaign.” Daniel Grey
“The 360 degrees team is the most proactive Digital Marketing team I’ve ever worked with, responsive and (most importantly) accessible and full of great ideas. It’s been a pleasure working with you so far!” Tanya Sarkar
“The US health services industry has to be one of the most competitive categories around with a challenging circumstance! However, the team at 360 Degrees Online Sales Solutions were very impressive.” Tom Giles
“Thank you, Thank you and Thank You!. From the outset, you started driving awareness and boosting our sales. We’ve never seen a better and more immediate results (ROI reports) from a marketing spend” Rick Hogan
“It has been a pleasure to have been associated with a company, having dedicated and importantly, honest individuals. You are now a family!” Steve Tiller
“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. 360 degrees’ understanding of the market place as well as the technical issues is second to none” Varsha Sharma